Exclusive Pricing

Professional Real Estate Clients Have Access To Wholesale Pricing On Select SpinVision Services & Support.

We have three payment-discount options available for professional real estate clients:

#1) Pay At The Time of Online-Order. (Recommended)
NOTES: Online, App & Text Orders offer payment options at the time of order. By paying at the time of order, there will be no delay in delivery, ensuring the fastest turn-around available. 

#2) Pay Before Delivery. (Required For Discounts)
NOTES: Depending on the order, professional real estate clients may have the ability to order first, then pay later. PLEASE NOTE: In order to qualify for professional's discounts, orders must be paid before they are delivered. A request for online-payment will be delivered to the professional's email address that was used to place the order. IMPORTANT: Orders can only be delivered during business hours. To ensure the fastest delivery, we recommend paying before 4:00pm C.S.T. - during business hours. Payments made after hours may take up to two business-hours to be successfully delivered to the client's email address. As a courtesy, unpaid orders will be emailed a link to download their orders "on demand" for a full payment + small processing fee. NOTE: Always check your email SPAM folder when looking for SpinVision emails. If needed, SpinVision can always re-deliver emails, during business hours, by request.

#3) Pay To Download On Demand (Optional Premium)
NOTES: As a courtesy to our professional real estate clients, we also offer a service enabling clients to download their orders "on demand", upon full payment for a 6% processing fee. This service is provided by a third-party online company that charges a fee. SpinVision does not recommend this service unless a professional client needs to access their unpaid orders after business-hours. This solution will allow clients to access their completed material as soon as payment is received. Great for client who need access to completed orders during nights & weekends, without having to wait for regular business hours. 



- Professional real estate clients who order, schedule and pay online qualify for our fastest service and greatest discounts. 

- Professional real estate clients may request SpinVision to provide full-service ordering, 3rd party scheduling or traditional invoicing (at the time of order only) for a minimum service fee of $29.95/ea. These requests must be included in writing, with the original order. A revised or additional invoice may be required for service.

- Professional real estate clients must place their own orders. Discounts do not apply to 3rd-party clients, home or property owner's orders. SpinVision is unable to accept 3rd-party orders placed for professional real estate client at our discounted rates; no exceptions. We apologize for any inconveniences. This policy has been put in place due to a growing mis-use of our professional's discount program.. Non-professional real estate client-orders will be billed at full-price rate. A minimum service fee will automatically be charged + any/all payment processing fees to all orders placed by non real estate professional's orders, prior to a partial refund. 

- Orders that are ordered, scheduled and paid for at the time of order are the fastest, most economical ways to win with SpinVision! 

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