How Do I Download My Images?

You will receive a delivery email.                                                                             (Within this email, there is a link to your Dashboard.)

Once you click on the link, there are two links that show Hi-Res or Pre-Sized MLS.

Once you click on the link of the type of images you need, it will either automatically start downloading to your computer, or it may ask you, (with a pop-up window), if you would like to Open or Save - be sure to click Save.


After it is downloaded, find the file.  For                     (It should be labeled with the address and then the type.)                                   


After you have located that file, open it up.

* If you are working on a PC, there will be an "Extract All" button on the top left.

* If you are working on a MAC, it will either automatically start extracting the file for you, or it was extracted at the time of downloading.


Once you have extracted the folder, your images are now accessible individually.

* HI-RES images are for graphics (marketing purposes) to help sell the property.

* Pre-Sized MLS images are for the MLS.


* Remember:  If you paid for MLS / Real Estate pricing, you may only use the images until the home has been sold or goes off the market.  They are copyrighted images, and may not be transferred or sold to another party or vendor to use for their marketing purposes.


If you have any questions, please email us at

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